Weekend E.A.T. – Sunny Santa Barbara

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You guys. My SLR camera broken and I’m so sad. I made so many desserts yesterday in hopes of posting photos and recipes up on hurr, only to find that my camera has become defunct! As a 5-year old camera, it had a good run, but that now means  I’m on the hunt for a new shutterbug. Any suggestions are welcome – this past one was a Canon Rebel XS.

As the city of San Francisco poured rain (probably in sadness over my broken camera), I took a road trip down to sunny Santa Barbara to visit friends and see my brother. Y’all know that I’ve visited Santa Barbara before; it’s something I never grow tired of. It’s a beautifully relaxed town with friendly people, great fish tacos, and of course, the beach. And when I get to spend my Friday afternoon drinking micheladas a stone’s throw away from the ocean, there is little else to complain about.


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Spotlight: Mettle East Austin Bistro


I’ve never been to one to stick to a single friend group. I tried, believe me, but then I realized how much more exciting life became when I found intellectual, curious, goofy, like-minded people all around the world with which to explore and share a meal (or two…or five).

My 3rd coast crew is full of people full of these qualities, and they know me all too well – only in Austin can I land at midnight and be swept away to this French restaurant at 1 a.m. for dinner, and then eat a multi-course brunch menu at Mettle East Austin Bistro the next morning.


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SPOTLIGHT: Outerlands


I first discovered Outerlands four years ago on a lazy weekday off from work. At the time, I was a pastry cook at a restaurant in the East Bay and I had Thursdays free. The original plan had been to drag my friend, also in the industry, to accompany me as I got my first tattoo. Naturally, that meant brunch first at the then-unknown log-cabin like establishment on the end of Judah street, a few skips from the beach.


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Weekend E.A.T. – Thanksgiving Snapshots

Thanksgiving snapshots


I am seriously in love with all my friends and family. It’s an easy sort of love, where we uphold traditions of taking tequila shots before our Thanksgiving feast. It’s a love where nobody is allowed to eat dessert until at least four people take an Instagram/Snapchat/photo; where instead of shopping on Black Friday we eat ramen and scour our hometown downtown for the best egg puffs and taro milk boba; where we wake up at 8am on Saturday to drive to Ocean Beach for brunch and end up spending the next 16 hours hanging out without any plans at all (see flâneur); and when our friend gets engaged we spend the evening popping too many bottles of champagne and eating pumpkin spice Chex mix.


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Recipe: {Gluten-Free} Pumpkin-Bourbon Tart and a Thankful List


I don’t know how I did it, but somehow, I made enough desserts just in time for Thanksgiving. My menu looks like the following:

  • Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with the signature Kahlua Toast Crunch
  •  Lemon Cheesecake with Roasted Persimmons
  • Gluten-Free Walnut Cake with Chocolate Nib Ganache and Pastry Cream
  • Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bourbon Tart with Hazelnut Crumble → the recipe for which is HERE FO’ YOU

Now that my Thanksgiving sugar rush game is on lock, I wanted to celebrate the actual spirit of the holiday by sharing a few things that I am thankful for. It’s always a good idea to reflect a little bit on what makes our lives so great, and this year more than ever, I’ve been reminded of how amazing small moments of happiness can be, whether discovered alone or shared with the world around me. And as the year draws to a close, I am definitely thankful for the following:


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