Spotlight: Hollow | Inner Sunset

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I had been hearing about this coffee shop for months from friends and other SF locals who, like me, appreciate the worth of a hot cup of joe on a foggy city morning. Always a sucker for hidden neighborhood gems, I hopped on the 6 one morning to nab breakfast with the talented Tory Putnam. Our destination? Hollow.

In a tiny but marvelously charming spot on Irving Street, Hollow is everything I love about coffee shops. It’s a cozy space with a window seat, old school tchotchkes, and a dark chocolate mocha that arrives with a giant, homemade, fluffy marshmallow that makes me forget that it’s 7:30 in the morning.


Weekend E.A.T. – Tour Guide

Nopa SF Brunch

People ask me why I travel so much. Apart from the expected thrills and discoveries of the unknown, a huge reason is that many of my closest friends live outside of California. We all found each other during college, but as school ended, each left to pursue his or her dream in Chicago/Austin/NYC/DC/Not SF.

On one hand, having such an extended network gives me the opportunity to hop in a plane pretty quickly. On the other, it reinstitutes that internal struggle of whether this is the city for me.


Recipe: Pluot Clafouti

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I don’t know if y’all know this yet, but in addition to my two-week visit to India this October, I am also spending a full week in Paris (!!!) before! That was a lot of exclamation points, so you can see how incredibly stoked I am to be in the land of patisseries and croissants and baguettes without regrets (which I will naturally be hashtagging as I overload Instagram with my carby adventures).

As this will be my first time in the city of romance, I NEED SUGGESTIONS. I’m currently reading this book on what patisseries I should be inhaling desserts at, but I would love a handy list from food lovers like yourselves on where to eat, visit, etc. Also, what are your thoughts on renting a Vélib for the week there?



Spotlight: Sadie of Bread SRSLY


Gluten-free is a term that we are all too familiar with in the Bay Area, either through dietary choices, personal afflictions, or package labels (I myself am slightly gluten-intolerant). Even with gluten being at the forefront of food issues today, it is still difficult to find gluten-free goods that actually taste good. That is where Sadie comes in.

Today’s spotlight is on Sadie, who founded Bread SRSLY in 2011 and makes the best gluten-free bread I’ve ever tasted – I’ve definitely eaten half a loaf in one sitting and it was glorious.


Weekend E.A.T – Me Time

Shikha la mode

It’s been a hectic one, folks.

After weeks of what it felt like endless travel, festivals, and birthdays, a weekend finally arrived in which I had

Usually, this is an issue for me. I love having a calendar chockfull of events, people to meet, restaurants to try, hipster things to be accused of doing. But this weekend, it was all about me and getting my head back in the game. This re-focusing included a mini friend feast to celebrate India’s independence day (Jai Hind!), 5 hours of straight cooking (can you FEEL the recipes heading your way soon?!) and a lazy Sunday at my favorite haunt and café – farmer’s market + Beanbag Café.