What to do in Yellowstone Park

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My mom (love her) is one of those moms who has weird, specific obsessions and espouses them to my brother and I whenever possible. One of her fascinations is with Yellowstone National Park. So a few weeks ago, we packed our bags and flew to the middle of nowhere – also known as Billings, Montana – to see what the fuss about this park was all about.

I can tell you now that I have never seen anything like Yellowstone. It’s a vast expanse, exponentially larger than anything in California and full of many different climates, landscapes, and wildlife. It was one the first spaces to be deemed a national park by the US government, and with good reason – with rolling hills, deep canyons, geothermic activity, and lush forests, it’s a place worth exploring and protecting.


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Spotlight: UberEATS Launches in San Francisco


Working in high profile restaurants has given me a deep appreciation of good food and having access to it. In San Francisco, it’s easy to find great quality, artisan food in nearly every block. It’s also easy to find lines that snake around nearly every block.

Enter UberEATS – your new favorite delivery platform from a company that cares about food as much as you do. By partnering with the best restaurants in the city, UberEATS creates an elevated experience from the moment you open your app.


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Top 10 Things to Eat at Outside Lands 2015


Whether you’re trying to love yourself like Kendrick, bounce for beignets with Big Freedia, or grooving to Sam Smith, y’all are going to need some sort of fuel to get you through the 3-day, oddly chilly yet always happening festival that is Outside Lands 2015.

Having been to quite a few festivals, in my very official opinion the best food to be had is here at OSL. Call it the SF mentality, but for fresh, local, and creative eats, Golden Gate Park will be the best place to be. Here are the top 10 things you should be eating while you find someone to dance with at Odesza (in no particular order):


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San Fransugar: Favorite Desserts in the 7×7


A while back, I wrote a post on my favorite desserts in San Francisco. It’s been a wildly popular post, so I wanted a way to illustrate it more and package it into a handy guide for locals and tourists alike when they explore the city. Enter Townske – a curated interface of people sharing their hidden gems.

For me, San Francisco is the land of opportunity and desserts, and I’m always on the hunt for the next best thing to satisfy my sweet tooth. Check out my top spots that make this city San Fransugar over at Townske!


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Weekend E.A.T – Best of July

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July has always been my favorite month – long weekends (or weddings), birthday, friends in town, and lots of summer produce. I could seriously eat berries, stone fruit, and ice cream all month long and be perfectly content with that as my diet.

Even though half the year is gone, my time as #twentysex is just beginning. I promised myself to use this year to shape my path, so I spent this month keeping my friends close with lots of brunches and dessert dates. I also pushed myself harder than I ever thought I could so that I can swim my race (in 8 days!) and land a new job that I’m stoked beyond belief for. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s hard to feel bad when you surround yourself with good people. As my friend told me, “Kick the shit out of Option B.”


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