Food of Iceland

2015-09-07 14.02.46

One of the first things I noticed in Iceland was that were no chain restaurants anywhere. No Starbucks, no Dunkin Donuts, not even a 7-11 (which is the lifeline of Japan). It truly has retained its island culture and food is no exception to that.

Like the landscape, food here was unlike anything else I have seen. There are the terrifyingly unique dishes – whale, puffin, horse liver, and fermented shark – and the more approachable delicious plates – fresh fish of the day, well done lamb soup, comforting morning pastries, and even hot dogs. Iceland has its own take on everything, and like it or not, there are no substitutions.


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Travel: What to do in Iceland, Part 1

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As our annual family tradition goes, we visit one country a year to spend too much time with each other. Of course, as it also happens, we get to explore the world as well as ourselves. Last time it was Ecuador; this year – Iceland.

Iceland is not for the casual traveler. As I learned upon stepping off the plane, even in September, this place is COLD. Like always have a waterproof jacket, boots, scarf, gloves, hat, and a beer cold. That said, with the right gear, attitude, and appetite, it is an amazing place to visit and I cannot recommend it more.


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Weekend E.A.T. – Best of August

2015-08-08 15.56.00

While SF summer usually doesn’t begin until September, Karl the Fog evidently took off for vacation early. That meant August was full of sun and what we consider heat – temperatures of above 75 degrees.

I am a full-on summer baby, so there was little to complain about in August. Instead, I got to have a ton of fun enjoying music festivals and restaurants new and old. I also got to check some items off the twentySEX bucket list – swimming Alcatraz, starting a new job, and as of tomorrow, embarking on my second international trip of the year!


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What to do in Yellowstone Park

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My mom (love her) is one of those moms who has weird, specific obsessions and espouses them to my brother and I whenever possible. One of her fascinations is with Yellowstone National Park. So a few weeks ago, we packed our bags and flew to the middle of nowhere – also known as Billings, Montana – to see what the fuss about this park was all about.

I can tell you now that I have never seen anything like Yellowstone. It’s a vast expanse, exponentially larger than anything in California and full of many different climates, landscapes, and wildlife. It was one the first spaces to be deemed a national park by the US government, and with good reason – with rolling hills, deep canyons, geothermic activity, and lush forests, it’s a place worth exploring and protecting.


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Spotlight: UberEATS Launches in San Francisco


Working in high profile restaurants has given me a deep appreciation of good food and having access to it. In San Francisco, it’s easy to find great quality, artisan food in nearly every block. It’s also easy to find lines that snake around nearly every block.

Enter UberEATS – your new favorite delivery platform from a company that cares about food as much as you do. By partnering with the best restaurants in the city, UberEATS creates an elevated experience from the moment you open your app.


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