PARIS: Where to Eat, What to Do (Part 3)

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If there ever was a harbinger of how much sugar I was going to inhale in Paris, consider that as soon as I got off the plane, Fabien greeted  me with not one, not two, but THREE croissants from which to take my pick (Real talk: I ate some of each one).

Paris is jam-packed with pâtisseries on pâtisseries – that’s why the entire city constantly smells like food. It was such a real struggle to remain hungry as much as possible so I could devour everything in sight. But with a list of 50 – yes 50 – recommendations, I hopped on my Vélib and set off off to conquer every pastry I could.


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PARIS: Where to Eat, What to Do (Part 2)

Marché de la Bastille

Marché de la Bastille – the Sunday farmer’s market

If only I could bring these all back with me!

A lot of people asked what I could possibly do for seven days in the City of Love by myself. Those people clearly don’t know me very well because I obviously took photos, ate like a crazy lady, and walked/cycled for hours and hours (I bought a week-long Vélib pass which I HIGHLY recommend if you want an efficient way to explore while justifying the three pastries you ate for breakfast).


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PARIS: Where to Eat, What to Do (Part 1)

Charles de Gaulle Airport, France


Hi Fabien!

This monstrosity of a falafel requires a fork and a lot of spicy sauce

President Obama ate here during his visit to Paris. When I checked the menu, the prices were – ahem – presidential to match.

The chocolate mousse at Buvette comes in a giant heaping mass of chocolate and chantilly, and it’s glorious

I arrived in Paris with no set plan in mind. Yes, there was a spreadsheet chock full of landmarks and eateries to visit, but I had no itinerary. To fully remove myself from the rigorous, 9-to-whenever-I-decide-to-stop-working cycle of the States, I had but one ideology in mind to guide me through the rues and arrondissements: Laisse tomber.


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Recipe: Tart Dough Cookies


I KNOW I need to put up Paris photos and blog posts. I know. But I have hundreds of photos to sort through, PLUS India photos, PLUS Japan photos of when I got too antsy at Tokyo airport so I left to see the city for a few hours. And I am le tired.

But they will come.

In the meanwhile, I have a fun and easy recipe to share that is a product of laziness and my inability to let anything go to waste – blame it on living in San Francisco and being Indian.

Some time back, I made this bomb-dot-com mango-blackberry tart. Since I only know how took restaurant-style, I can never scale down appropriately and therefore ended up with way more tart dough that I knew what to do with.


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Weekend E.A.T. – Prep

Pinhole Coffee

Discovering new coffeeshops are my favorite – like Pinhole Coffee in Bernal Heights

Shoe game on point

MOAR shoes. I’m stopping after this..

Enjoying a multi-course lunch at Credo with a gal pal

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SF, you a babe

In T-minus 4 days, I will be on a plane to Paris.

And I can.not.wait.

What did that mean for me this past weekend? Nearly 20 hours spent tying up loose ends for work, enjoying the start of Indian summer (90 degree weather in San Francisco, I’ll take it!), and creating a fire spreadsheet for Paris in which 40 lines are devoted to patisseries alone.


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