Weekend E.A.T. – Best of June 2015

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Well, I’ve somehow made it through the first half of 2015 in relatively one piece – a little frayed, awkwardly tanned, danced to exhaustion, and full beyond means. From traveling to eating to late, late nights, I’ve already been lucky to experience so much and am excited and nervous for the second half of the year. If these first six months brought the return of foie gras, the slow demise of restaurant tipping, and the onset of Japanese sensibility to cuisine in the Bay Area, who knows what will happen next?


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Review: Burrata-Making Class at Precita Park Café         

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When I first began working back-of-house as a stage back in 2008, the staff meals would always contain meat. At the time, I was a vegetarian, and so the sous chef would prepare me a simple alternative – a thick slice of bread toasted on the stove topped with summer vegetables and a gooey mass of burrata cheese. It was my first encounter with the luscious cheese and it sustained me everyday for the all the months that I cooked there.

Seven years later, burrata has found its way into the mainstream and my love for it is far from over. While I continue to eat it whenever possible, I was stoked to discover that there was a class where I could also learn how to make it!


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Spotlight: Sundays at San Franpsycho

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No matter how windy, sunny, hazy, or Karl the Foggy, San Francisco is a city of ice cream. It’s difficult to walk more than 15 minutes without finding a place to nab a couple scoops. But one neighborhood where our beloved ice cream has been conspicuously missing was Inner Sunset – until San Franpsycho revamped their InSu location with a coffee and ice cream bar and called it Sundays.

I got to check out the grand opening this past weekend and let me say that it gives the neighborhood an uplift of desserts that 9th Avenue definitely needed. With retro signage, a friendly staff, and of course, the surf/skate good living signature clothing, this spot extends the experience past the ice cream and more into an easy way to spend your weekend afternoon.


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Spotlight: Gluten-Free Baking with SF Cooking School

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A few months back, I upped my savory skills with a stellar vegetarian cooking class with the San Francisco Cooking School. I got the opportunity to return to the school (and subsequently drool over the gorgeous kitchen) with a class that was a little more up my alley – a guide to gluten-free baking.

Overhyped or not, it’s no secret that gluten-free has swept America. It’s almost a staple now to offer something gluten-free at any gathering as millions of people learn towards the gluten-free lifestyle either for health or dietary reasons.


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Recipe: Strawberry Cardamom Cake (in a tart pan!)


While traveling and international caffeination is all well and good, it’s ABOUT TIME I put a recipe up on this thang, don’t you think? So after months of eating other people’s food, here’s a little something I’ve been tweaking for y’all – a strawberry cardamom cake baked in a tart pan.

Admittedly, I’m not a huge cake fan. I think it stems from the fact that most cakes out there are either too dry or too sweet (and I’m pretty sure I’ve been scarred for life by any abysmal birthday cake I was forced to eat from Safeway during childhood). I spend most of my dessert eating devouring either breakfast pastries or tarts, which to me can do no wrong. But when I saw this recipe by Maria of Pink Patisserie, I felt that it was calling out to me because it was baked not in a cake pan but in a tart pan!


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