Thursday Thankful List: Coachella and Other Things

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Disclaimer: This isn’t necessarily a food post, but it is a peak into what I do outside of the sugar.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the routines that make up everyday life. Routines, while necessary to a point, have a tendency to coerce us into a process of normal, then boredom, then frustration, and then a quarter-life crisis. We forget our dreams and what we set out to do.

On this weeklong blog hiatus, I took a brief break from the routine to experience the music festival that is Coachella. Being my third time attending, Read more

SLM Spotlight: Sweetmue Baked Goods


Happy Thursday! As you read this, I’m driving down to Indio for a little teensy festival called Coachella. Music festival eats will be on ze blog next week, so for now, I wanted to shine some light on Sweetmue Baked Goods, a fairly new patisserie that has opened in my favorite district – the Mission.

Originally from the East Bay, Müller, or Mue, spent years working in finance from New York to Texas. She finally decided to leave her job to travel through Europe and attend the International Culinary Center in NYC, eventually making her back to the Bay Area and opening Sweetmue in our very own Read more

Weekend E.A.T. – Spring Things


I’m not sure what’s going on right now, but SF weather is in a state of pure, unadulterated happiness. It’s been so beautiful that I couldn’t do anything except be outside as much as possible – who can resist 80-degree weather in April?!

The great weather brought in some great friends as well, who came at just the right time to visit the city. Personally, I love playing tour guide as it makes me remember why I love living here so much. From brunches to bakeries to Read more

The Rise of the Woman Chef: Prune in NYC

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Being a woman in a professional kitchen is not easy. Cooking has always been a man’s world, and even today, men helm most kitchens. Whether by stigma, prejudice, or schemas of gender roles, women cooks are far and few between, and women chefs are even more rare. In fact, Time Magazine’s November piece on “The Gods of Food” showcased no women whatsoever, which the editor attempted to defend by stating, “’I don’t make the sad news; I just reflect it, like a mirror.’”

As a woman cook, I look to other women in the industry for motivation and inspiration. And Read more

Weekend E.A.T. – New York City, Part 2

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Whenever I visit NYC, there are some staples that are nonnegotiable – a good bowl of ramen, a lot of sugar, and a good multi-course meal. Luckily, my friends on the East Coast think similarly and make sure that these things happen. And the best part is that given the size of the city, I can visit different places each time and still cross all three necessities off my list. This year, I ventured to some new places to get my ramen and coffee fix, so take a look!

What are some of your NYC Read more