Recipe: Mushroom Chard Quiche


I know this isn’t a dessert recipe, but hey, sometimes I make real food too. And when I do, it’s naturally going to be from one of the three four cookbooks I bought while in Paris and it’s going to be a classic French recipe – quiche!

Clotilde is a talented food blogger based in Paris. Her cookbook is full of seasonal, vegetarian recipes that I’ve been poring over for weekday and weeknight meals. This quiche particularly stood out for a few reasons. One, the crust is not made from butter but olive oil. In a dessert world, it’s butter or nothing at all, as that’s how the crust gets its flaky appeal. But for a savory dish, olive oil adds a layer of flavor into the dough that complements the filling nicely.


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Spotlight: Trouble Coffee



Tucked away in outer Sunset, a stone’s throw from the Pacific Ocean and that one epic brunch place, Trouble Coffee is where SF’s toast craze began – even ask Josey Baker of the famed Mill and he’ll agree. But that’s not why I like Trouble.

Trouble Coffee is far more than just a neighborhood coffeeshop. It’s a story, a saga of what it means to struggle and survive in the idea-churning machine that is San Francisco. Within its walls, you see tidbits of the owner Giulietta Carrelli’s world as she handpicks pieces of her past – the comforting cinnamon toast of her childhood, the coconuts that you can’t help but ask about. As her signature menu item connotes, when at Trouble, you devise a way to put your mind at ease and Build Your Own Damn House.


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Weekend E.A.T. – Smitten

2015-01-07 04.15.53 copy

Part of making 2015 epic means going back to what makes me who I am and splattering that loudly across the city. It’s far too easy to take ourselves for granted, and so taking time to appreciate our own quirks and abilities is just as important as appreciating everything else.

On Friday, I took two of my besties, Aimee and Courtney, back to where it all began – dinner at my childhood house with a home-cooked Indian meal by mom. After 6 dishes and countless jokes over all the Johnny Depp posters I own(ed), there was little else left to do but sleep!


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RECIPE: Dark Chocolate-Candied Ginger-Peppermint-Pretzel Cookies


DAMN. Say that three times fast. Or just once fast. It’s still difficult. But believe me when I say that these cookies are gonna rock your world almost as much as Drake headlining Coachella 2015 is rocking my world. I mean, I’m about to scream “HYFR” at the SAME time that DRAKE is SINGING it. WHAT.

But more on that later – first, these cookies.


During the holidays, I made this recipe at least 6 times for various friends and family in my life. Since I don’t celebrate Christmas, I prefer giving the gift of food during the season because (1) it is practical, and (2) nobody will ever say no to cookies being thrust at them. Especially when the cookies are overloaded with the finest of holiday cheer that Trader Joe’s has to offer – dark chocolate-covered candied ginger pieces and peppermint pretzels.


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Weekend E.A.T. – Happy New Year

Dolores Park SF

Clear and chilly at Dolores Park

Bi-Rite by day and Aziza by night – meals for dayz

Well folks, it’s page 5 of 365 – the New Year is officially upon us! Bring on the gym sessions, resolutions, personal challenges, and of course, the foooooooooood.

While 2015 is underway, the weather has been especially underwhelming in SF – blustery winds and cold temperatures have gone straight to my immune system and are wreaking havoc with my well-being. But through copious cups of chai, Johnny Depp blankets, and wooly socks, the year has still started out with a bang.


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