Weekend E.A.T. – Throwbacks

Marina Green

Sometimes it feels like growing up is happening way too damn fast. Just yesterday, we were children, not relying on coffee to stay up all night, running around outside all day, eating dessert at 3 in the afternoon just because. Life moves fast, so I wanted to go backwards a bit and throw it back.

Question for y’all: How do you like to throw it back? Share some of your favorite old haunts, foods, and memories!

Contraband Coffee

Contraband Coffee

Contraband Coffee

Enjoying a foggy morning breakfast with a good cappuccino and better company at Contraband Coffee in Nob Hill. Great croissant too!


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Restaurant Review: E & O Asian Kitchen

E & O Asian Kitchen

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Nestled on the cusp of the Financial District and Downtown, E & O Asian Kitchen is a restaurant that showcases the dynamic nuances of Asian cuisine with an upscale flair and sensibility. It is helmed by Chef Sharon Nahm, who has been cooking here for six years and knows her cuisine in and out.

I had the opportunity to dine here with a friend recently and explored the menu thoroughly. We began our meal with some killer cocktails, like the Jack Sparrow – which, if you know anything about me, was the obvious choice to get. Rum, vermouth, grenadine, and bitters make for a sweet and refreshing start to the meal.


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Weekend E.A.T. – Made with Love

Yigit Pura Sweet Alchemy

Hanging out with Chef Yigit Pura!


“If you make your food with love, it will taste like love.” – Yigit Pura

Although this was a pretty packed weekend of brunching and birthdays, I want to focus today’s post on a pastry chef that I’ve been following since 2010 – Yigit Pura.

As the winner of the first Top Chefs: Just Desserts and owner of Tout Sweet Pâtisserie in downtown San Francisco, Chef Yigit is a bundle of talent in the world of pastry. I had the opportunity to meet him at a demo in Williams Sonoma on Saturday, where he created a Sexy Chocolate Coupe (his words, but it honestly is really sexy) and signed copies of his first cookbook, Sweet Alchemy.


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Recipe: Blueberry-Coconut Ice Cream

IMG_3902 IMG_3905 IMG_3908IMG_3915 copy IMG_3911

I saw this recipe on the lovely FoodGal website and all I could do was start singing Ludacris’ “Blueberry Yum Yum” and rush to the farmer’s market to make it immediately.

It’s been a while since I made ice cream, and since SF in August isn’t exactly the warmest of cities (that’ll happen in October), I had been putting off working on a new recipe and let my ice cream maker gather dust in the cabinet. Until now.

IMG_3866 copy

This is one of the easiest ice cream recipes you will make because there are no eggs involved – that means no pesky tempering, straining, and potential cream curdling. To brighten up this hyphy purple dessert even more, I used coconut cream. Never heard of it? Neither had I until I spotted it at Trader Joe’s one day and bought it in intrigue and inspiration. Admittedly, it had also been gathering dust in my cabinet until this ice cream recipe came along and stole my heart.


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Weekend E.A.T. – Home Away From Home

Cinnaholic Berkeley

Dandelion Chocolate

Sunnyside Cafe Berkeley

Cousins from India

Happy September y’all, aka….happy start of Pumpkin Spice Latte season!!

As much as I espouse love for San Francisco, I’ve only physically lived here for two years. Five years prior, I was running around in Berkeley for school and work. It was the first city I lived in after I left home, and it is where I’ve met some of my closest friends to date. Additionally, it is where I truly began to wrap myself around the world of food and make it a part of who I am.

Over Labor Day weekend, many people left to visit home, whether that was their hometowns or their home in the desert at Burning Man. I decided to do the same, spending the extra days exploring the East Bay and photographing some of the restaurants and landmarks that shaped me.


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