Restaurant Review: Mensho Tokyo

Mensho Tokyo San Francisco

I’ve always been picky about ramen. I grew up in San Mateo, which arguably houses some of the best ramen in the Bay Area. Coupled with my Japan trip last year, I take the dish seriously and often find myself disappointed with the selection in San Francisco. That is, until I ate at Mensho Tokyo.

Newly opened as of Saturday, I had the opportunity to preview the restaurant a day early and try some of their unique ramen offerings. Coming straight from Japan, this is chef-owner Tomoharu Shono’s first American outpost – smack in the Tenderloin (and conveniently next to Rye bar so you can grab a couple drinks as you wait for the soon-to-begin long lines).


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Spotlight: Cadence Restaurant


Cadence Restaurant is the latest addition in the evolution of Mid-Market, and it’s an awesome one. Opened only a few weeks before from the same people as Maven, everything about it, from the food to the staff to the actual space, brings an upscale yet accessible vibe to the surrounding areas.

One of the more unique things about Cadence is how it caters to patrons of all preferences. There’s the menu, divided into a four-course fixed course option for $49 (a vegetarian menu is also available) or else a communal area for a la carte dining. There is also the adjacent bar, Mr. Tipples, for customers to grab drinks before or after and on weekends, listen to live music. The experience is a choose-your-own adventure, and no matter what you want, Cadence follows through.


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Thursday Thankful

Elite Audio Coffee Bar

One month into 2016 and I already feel like it’s been a lifetime since last year! It’s amazing how different one can feel after being so active to learn from past happenings and resolving to move forward.

While I wouldn’t say I’m always at 100 percent, I can say that I’ve been feeling on the up and up. It’s not an easy process, but then again, when is it ever, especially when it comes rebuilding?

One key point I’ve taken to heart recently is that when someone wasn’t there for you, it only means you never needed them in the first place. So surrounding myself with badass friends and/as family, I’m super thankful for the following:


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Weekend EAT – January in San Francisco

The Mill SF

It’s been a much-needed rainy start to the new year. But even with the gloom and grey skies, San Francisco slowly came alive again. As everyone tip toed their way back from the holidays (including my own trip to Mexico), they took time to reconnect – of course through food.

From lurdiez cheese night to breakfast dates to trying new spots for dinner, January has been a lot busier than I expected! But it’s what I love about SF – and what keeps me going back to my favorite haunts while actively seeking out the new.


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SF Restaurant Week: My Top 5 Picks to Eat

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 6.24.18 PM

It’s time to put those new year’s resolution diets on hold because it’s SF Restaurant Week!

Every year, participating restaurants around San Francisco offer up a much more affordable dining option to their usual prices with a set menu. It’s become a great opportunity to try that one place you usually can’t, or take a new date to, or just enjoy a good meal with a friend.

The list varies each year. Here are my top picks of restaurants I recommend eating at for SF Restaurant Week (in no particular order):


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