Weekend E.A.T. Continued: SXSW 2014

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As part of my SXSW 2014 recovery process – which is including gallons of coconut water and kale salads – I totally missed the memo on St. Patrick’s Day yesterday; I didn’t even wear green! Can eating green count instead?

But back to this Austin thing. Given that this was my third trip there, I am starting to get some street cred (proof: I got a local’s discount on my Sunday massage). But as with any city, there is always more to see, do, and eat.

While yesterday I recounted some of my frequented spots, today is all about the new noms. Through the musical madness, I did sneak in some pretty amazing food. Along with tacos and brisket, Austin has some great food trucks as well that are easy to find and extended their hours during SXSW. The food prices are comparable to that of SF (except of course, for breakfast tacos). Overall however, the food seems to be less seasonally driven, mostly due to the Texas climate, which isn’t ideal for a lot of produce that we grow in California.

Austin is definitely a city I’d like to visit again, although in a non-festival setting where I can sleep before 6 a.m.! For now, a question for you readers:

If you have been to Austin, where do you like to eat?


  • Lamberts: 401 West 2nd Street. A two-story bar that doubles as a restaurant, similar to Chambers in SF. For SXSW, there was free barbecue to accompany the live music!
  • Bibimbowl: Location varies. Sadly, I could only eat at one food truck this trip, but the Korean-themed fare was delicious with good vegetarian options.
  • Jeni’s: Location varies. Actually from Ohio, the ice cream rivals that of Bi Rite. They ship to Austin (not to SF, though) and have a truck as well!
  • La Condesa: 400 West 2nd Street.While their margaritas are killer, I find this place overpriced and not worth the trip for upscale Mexican food.
  • Elizabeth Street Café: 1501 South 1st Street. Located in the retro part of Austin, it has delicious Vietnamese-French brunch food. Get the breakfast banh mi, pho, and macarons.
  • La Patisserie: 601 Annie Street. A tiny house-turned dessert shop with fantastic macarons – And I don’t even like macarons that much.

Listening to live music with free barbecue at Lamberts

Comedy Central

Following free barbecue with free tacos at the Comedy Central #KegsandEggs party

Salt Lick

MOAR free things with brisket from the iconic Salt Lick – thanks, SxFreeNoms!


Hearty veggie bowl from the Bibimbowl food truck

Bar 96

Lazy afternoon micheladas at Bar 96

Jeni's Ice Creams

Salted caramel and brown butter brittle ice creams from Jeni’s – we don’t even get this in SF!

Elizabeth Street Cafe

Elizabeth Street Cafe

Elizabeth Street Cafe

La Patisserie Austin

Droolworthy pastries at La Patisserie

La Patisserie

Vanilla and Bailey’s macarons

La Patisserie

WARM chocolate raspberry croissants as part of our Sunday brunch crawl. #turndownforwhat

Elizabeth Street Cafe

Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk!

Elizabeth Street Cafe

Kimchi banh mi sandwich – fusion and delish

Elizabeth Street Cafe

Vegetarian pho – good, but SF/Oakland does it better


Weekend E.A.T. Continued: SXSW 2014
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    “Overall however, the food seems to be less seasonally driven” <– yupp. Tis a shame but very few vendors seem to get things seasonally right here. Only the fancy-pants/some vegetarian restaurants seem to care.

    You are a BOSS eater. I think you've eaten at more places than I have in Austin! I didn't know they had a Jeni's in Austin ahh!!! Will have to go this weekend.

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