Eating in Austin: Part 1


Like many, I met some of my closest friends in college. Also like many, those friends didn’t necessarily stay local after school, moving to pursue hopes in dreams all over the world. It is an exciting yet uncertain time as we realize more and more that this isn’t college anymore and we can’t walk down the hall/block/campus to keep in touch at a moment’s notice.

But there is an upside – new places to visit! And so that is how Austin happened.

Just like the last time I visited, this trip was full of new places to eat and drink that I’m showcasing over the next three posts. Everything is bigger in Texas, so obviously the number of blogposts has to match! Links to restaurants are all at the end of the post.

3rd coast living.

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Similar to San Francisco, Austin is full of quirky coffeeshops to work or study at. Houndstooth Coffee, in the Frost Bank building, is one of them, serving up espresso with names like Flying Monkey. There are also a ton of power bars to choose from that I had never seen before! Maybe I should just stick to these ones instead?

Austin Ale House

Serving beer in a wine-like glass appears to be trending across the country, including at Austin Ale House. This pumpkin ale was a great welcome to the city!

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Flipnotics is well in line with the quirky theme. Also, can we talk about how there are empanadas here? Or should I say, mmmmmmpanadas. Yes, that happened.


Live music on the patio

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Part bike shop and part coffeeshop, Juan Pelota (which alludes to the result of Lance Armstrong’s testicular cancer, ahem) is rocking the single-serve coffee. I loved the Aztec – an iced mocha with cinnamon and chili powder.


I finally found some noodles! Sway is a popular spot with an outdoor patio and modern Thai cuisine.


Oysters with chili and micro basil.


Green Curry – Pressed tofu, peas, baby corn, and chili.


Pad Thai with blue prawn, tofu, egg, and cashews.


Their whole market fish is an excellent entree. On our visit, it was this branzino made crispy and served with chili jam, cilantro, and cream.


The Thai tea affogato is a must-have – condensed milk ice cream, black tea tapioca, and macadamia crumble.


Jasmine tea panna cotta with grapes, thai basil, shiso, amaranth, and coconut-lychee sorbet.

Houndstooth Coffee: Multiple locations
Austin Ale House: 301 West 6th Street
Flipnotics: 1601 Barton Springs
Juan Pelota: 400 Nueces Street
Sway Modern Thai: 1417 South 1st street

Eating in Austin: Part 1
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